Conveniently located at US 23 and M 59 in Hartland, Michigan, Fountain Of Youth Skin Renewal Centre was founded in 2005 by Susan Alderson R.N.. Your face and body refinement and rejuvenation can be realized in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Aging is a beautiful and daunting process. Many of us find ourselves swept up in the everyday hustle of life, then one day look in the mirror and wonder what happened? Sometimes our best efforts to take care of ourselves still leave us short of our goals, and that can be discouraging. If the mirror shows you a stranger’s face and you miss the younger you, give us a call. We can help.

Our mission at The Fountain of Youth is to assist and equip you to rediscover the glow of youth. We offer a wide range of treatments that address the concerns that arise with aging skin, unwanted hair growth, and weight fluctuation. From injections to lasers to fat reduction, we can correct the issues that hinder you from realizing your natural beauty. In addition to our treatments, we offer top of the line medical grade skin care products that will maintain your progress and enhance your results. We are happy to come along side you on your journey toward a refreshed, healthy, and radiant you.