The Avène product line is centered around the Avène Thermal spring water and its soothing properties. Originating as rain, the water filters through the Cévennes Mountains absorbing precious minerals and trace elements for 40 years until it reaches the mouth of the ancient Sanite-Odile spring. Its unique composition makes Avène Thermal spring water ideally suited for the care and management of sensitive skin. Over 300 stringent biological, pharmacological and clinical studies on Avène Thermal spring water have been conducted by the Company and independent researchers to substantiate the skin healing and soothing benefits.

A full range of skincare products dedicated to sensitive skin launched in 1993. The Avène skincare brand was created to capture the same healing benefits to soothe sensitive skins worldwide. Formulated with Avène Thermal spring water and bottled directly from the source of the spring, the Avène skincare brand addresses the needs of all types of sensitive skin.

  • Avene After Sun Repair Creamy Gel - $18.00/200ml
  • Avene Antiroueurs Redness Solutions Kit - $98.00
  • Avene Antirougeurs CALM Soothing Repair Mask - $35.00/50ml
  • Avene Antirougeurs Clean - $32.00
  • Avene Antirougeurs DAY Redness Relief - $47.00/40ml
  • Avene Antirougeurs Dermo- Cleansing Fluid - $28.00/30ml
  • Avene Antirougeurs FORT Relief Concentrate - $39.00/40ml
  • Avene A-Oxitive Defense Serum - $44.00
  • Avene A-Oxitive Defense Serum - $42.00
  • Avene AV 3-in-1 Make-up Remover - $22.00
  • Avene Avene Thermal Spring Water - $14.00/150ml
  • Avene Avene Thermal Spring Water - $18.50/300ml
  • Avene Avene Thermal Spring Water - $9.00/50ml
  • Avene Cicalfate Post Procedure - $32.00/40ml
  • Avene Cicalfate Restorative cream - $28.00/40ml
  • Avene Clean-Ac Cleansing Cream - $21.00/200ml
  • Avene Clean-Ac Hydrating Cream - $23.00/40ml
  • Avene Cold Cream - Lip Butter - $16.00
  • Avene Cold Cream Essentials Kit - $29.00
  • Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm - $14.00
  • Avene Cold Cream Lip Cream - $16.00
  • Avene Cold Cream Nourishing Body Lotion - $29.00/400ml
  • Avene Complexion Correcting Sheild (Light) - $36.00/40ml
  • Avene Hydrance Intense Serum - $38.00/30ml
  • Avene Hydrance Optimale SPF 25 Hydrating Cream - 34.00/40ml
  • Avene Hydrance RICHE Hydrating Cream - $32.00/40ml
  • Avene REDVOLUTION - $100.00
  • Avene RetrinAL 0.05 Cream - $62.00/30ml
  • Avene RetrinAL 0.1 Intensive Cream - $70.00/30ml
  • Avene ADVANCED Wrinkle Corrector - $56.00/15ml
  • Avene RetrinAL Day Cream - $55.00/30ml
  • Avene RetrinAL DAY Emulsion - $55.00/30ml
  • Avene RetrinAL EYES - $49.00/15ml
  • Avene Soothing Eye Contour Cream - $27.00/10ml
  • Avene TriAcneal bye, bye blemishes - $110.00
  • Avene TriAcneal Day Mattifying Lotion - $55.00/40ml
  • Avene TriAcneal Night Smoothing Lotion - $61.00/40ml
  • Avene Trixera Emollient Cleansing Gel - $29.00/400ml
  • Avene Trixera Nutri-fluid balm - $29.00/200ml
  • Avene Trixera+Selectiose Emollient Balm - $42.00/400ml
  • Avene Trixera+Selectiose Emollient Cream - $29.00/200ml

* All prices are subject to change without notice. Always call us to be certain of availability and pricing.








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