$275 per area (20 units)
$250 per area (60 units) 
Xeomin Injections
$250 per area (20 units)

These purified proteins stop the muscles from moving, temporarily improving the look of moderate to severe wrinkles on the forehead between the eyes as well as crow’s feet.

Dermal Fillers

Allergan Fillers:
$800 a syringe
Juvederm Ultra Plus
$650 a syringe
Juvederm XC Ultra
$650 a syringe
$650 a syringe
$400 a syringe
Galderma Fillers:
$500 a syringe
Restylane Lyft
$500 a syringe
Restylane Silk
$500 a syringe
Restylane Defyne
$550 a syringe
Restylane Refyne
$550 a syringe

Merz Fillers:
$600 a syringe
$500 a syringe
Dermal fillers are injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles, while restoring a smoother appearance. Some people may need more than one syringe to achieve their overall desired effect.

Vitamin B-12 Injection      $25

For a natural burst of energy, try our B-12 injection. This shot speeds up the metabolism, aiding in appetite control and weight loss. The treatment is especially beneficial to vegans and vegetarians who may have iron deficiencies resulting from the exclusion of meat, fish and dairy products in their diets.
Slim Shot                              $40                                      

Methionine - An essential amino acid that assists in the breakdown of fats within the liver.
Inositol - Also aids in the metabolism of fats, promotes the health of cell structures and helps reduce serum cholesterol.
Choline - An essential nutrient that supports the liver to process and excrete waste. It's required for the transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol.
L-Carnitine - Also required for transport and breakdown of body fat while preserving muscle and reducing muscle fatigue associated with exercise.
Thiamine HCL - Vitamin B1, important for cell growth & carbohydrate metabolism.
Riboflavin - Vitamin B2, involved in energy metabolism & iron metabolism. Turn urine bright yellow. Offers antioxidants properties.
Niainamide - Vitamin B6, Strong antioxidant properties. Strong in fat 7 carbohydrate metabolism.
Pyridoxine HCL - Another form of B6. Critical in synthesis of amino acid & maintain normal blood glucose levels.


Don't take our word for it.

"I've been to Fountain of Youth for glycolic peels, spider vein treatments, and products. The owner and staff have always been friendly and very helpful. I've asked about different treatments out of curiosity and have never been pressured into buying anything.

I had treatments done at a dermatologist office for spider veins 5 years ago, it only made the problem worse. It hurt like heck too! I decided to try the laser spider vein treatment at FOY after reading about the risks & outcomes online. It took two treatments and about 6 weeks each time to clear up, but it worked!! It hurt a little but far less than the injected saline solution. I would highly recommend! "

~ Hannah S.