One of the most intelligent systems for easily building and refining muscle, essentially sculpting the body of your dreams.


Accufit is an innovative body contouring treatment designed to stimulate muscle contractions, offering a non-invasive method to enhance muscle tone and strength. Utilizing advanced technology, Accufit delivers controlled electrical muscle stimulation to targeted areas, effectively simulating the effects of intense exercise. This treatment is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to improve muscle definition and body contour without the downtime associated with surgical procedures. Each session strategically targets specific muscle groups, encouraging growth and promoting a more sculpted and toned appearance. Accufit is suitable for a range of clients, including those who are looking to jump-start a fitness regime, enhance the results of their physical workouts, or for those who have physical limitations preventing them from engaging in traditional exercise. The treatment is customizable, allowing practitioners to tailor the intensity to match the client’s comfort level and fitness goals, making it a versatile option for body toning and sculpting.

Toning and firming of muscles, especially in areas resistant to exercise.
Suitable For:
Individuals looking to enhance muscle tone and strength without intensive workouts.
Treatment Prep:
Wear comfortable clothing and avoid applying any lotions or creams to the treatment area.
Treatment Time:
Typically around 30 minutes.
Course of Treatment:
Recommended 6-8 sessions for optimal results.
Results Seen:
Results in 2 weeks with improvement over time.
Every 3-6 months or as advised by the specialist.

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